In Bite #231, we took a look at Realm's new Fine-grained notifications functionality. Today we'll build upon this by checking out another new Realm feature: Queryable, Live Inverse Collections. Whew! That's a fancy name. This feature deserves one though, let's check it out.

Here's a Realm object with a relationship defined on it:

class Person: Object {
  dynamic var name = ""
  let dogs = List<Dog>()

That dogs property can be used in a query, and it will even stay updated to reflect changes to the property's value made elsewhere in our app, automatically.

None of that is new though. What is new is the inverse of this mechanic.

Meet the all-new LinkingObjects:

class Dog: Object {
  dynamic var name = ""
  dynamic var age = 0
  let owners = LinkingObjects(
    fromType: Person.self, 
    property: "dogs"

Here's what we get for defining things this way:

LinkingObjects are live and auto-updating. When new relationships are formed or removed, they will update to reflect the new state.

LinkingObjects can be used In queries, natively. (Previously this would need to be done in our code):

// People that have a child that have a parent named Diane.
realm.objects(Person).filter("ANY == 'Diane'")

// People whose parents have an average age of > 65.
realm.objects(Person).filter("parents.@avg.age > 65")

LinkingObjects behave like regular Realm collections:

// Which of my parents are over the age of 56?
self.parents.filter("age > 56")

  // Calculate the age of my parents.

More info about Realm can be found at