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Little Bites of Cocoa is a daily publication aimed at providing small, bite-sized (get it?) tips and tricks for iOS and Mac development. The goal of each of these bites is to give the reader a brief overview or explanation of a particular concept, technique, or tool. Bites are not intended to replace full API documentation, but rather to compliment it.

It's written by its creator, Jake Marsh.

A new bite is published each weekday morning at 9:42 AM (A nod to the iPhone's original announcement time).

The first bite was published on May 18th, 2015. There have been 284 bites published to date.

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If you have any questions, comments, or complaints please send them to hello@littlebitesofcocoa.com. Also, please feel free to reach out on Twitter via either @lilbitesofcocoa or @jakemarsh

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