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#171: App Launch Checklist ✅


Launching an app can be a huge undertaking. Today we'll break it down, and make ourselves a quick checklist:

1.) Create our app in iTunes Connect

Pro Tip: We can save ourselves time and trouble by using produce for this. (Bite #114).

2.) Compose our app’s description & metadata

Entire books can be written about how best to optimize these bits, but in short, we should strive to be unique, direct and fun.

3.) Capture and produce screenshots

We'll use snapshot (Bite #110) for this. Not only will we save our sanity, but we'll end up with UI Tests to boot!

4.) Upload & Submit

Again, we'll lean on the amazing fastlane tools. We'll set our app to be "manually released" so we control when it goes live.

5.) Create a Press Kit

This step is crucial! We'll assemble a press kit: Icons, screenshots, logos, videos, frequently asked questions, etc. and host it on our app's website.

6.) Promote & Launch!

Once approved, we'll reach out to all our favorite blogs and influencers offering them promo codes + a link to our press kit.