Xcode is an incredible piece of software with tons of great features. There's always room for improvement, though. Today we'll look at Alcatraz.

It's a plugin for Xcode that lets us install other plugins for Xcode. (Also themes and templates). Let's get started.

We'll begin by installing Alcatraz. We can find an install command ready for us to copy and paste to our terminal on alcatraz.io.

We'll quit Xcode, then run this to install Acatraz into Xcode:

curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/supermarin/Alcatraz/deploy/Scripts/install.sh | sh

Then, we'll re-launch Xcode. We'll now see a new menu: Window > Package Manager (or ⌘⇧9).

Now, we can simple browse through the available plugins, and click to install we'd like. After installing anything, we'll need to restart Xcode to see its effect. Let's test it out now!

One incredibly simple feature missing from Xcode is the ability to quickly change the font size with ⌘+ and ⌘-.

We'll scroll down to the AdjustFontSize plugin and click Install.

We'll restart Xcode then open a project and try it out. Success! Try installing a theme or some templates next!

More info about Alcatraz can be found at alcatraz.io