In iOS 9, the Contacts framework replaced AddressBook.framework as the suggested way to interact with that data. Today we'll check out a library called EPContactsPicker, which is built on top of the Contacts framework and encapsulates a lot of the boilerplate logic. Let's dive in.

let contactPickerVC = EPContactsPicker(
  delegate: self,
  multiSelection: true,
  subtitleCellType: SubtitleCellValue.Email

let nc = UINavigationController(rootViewController: contactPickerVC)
presentViewController(nc, animated: true, completion: nil)

Pretty simple! We can add a delegate function to grab the contact or contacts that were selected:

func epContactPicker(_: EPContactsPicker, didSelectMultipleContacts contacts: [EPContact]) {
  for contact in contacts {

More info about EPContactsPicker can be found at