#238: Collecting Feedback with PinpointKit 🗣


With all the WWDC excitement recently, it might have been easy to miss a wonderful new library release from the fine folks at Lickability. It's called PinpointKit and it can completely transform how we collect feedback from users testing our apps. Let's check it out!

After integrating PinpointKit into our app via CocoaPods/Carthage, or just manually, we can trigger a new bug report like this:

  .show(fromViewController: self)

We're provided a Configuration struct where we can customize the look and feel, and a PinpointKitDelegate to hook into the state of the feedback being sent.

Now, whenever a user reports a bug they'll be able to:

  • Send along system logs automatically (opt-in)
  • Add arrows, boxes, and text to screenshots
  • Redact sensitive info before reporting

By default PinpointKit reports via Email, but this, (and just about everything else) is completely customizable.

Learn more about PinpointKit at