Today we're looking at another great library from Hyper called Pages. It's essentially a convenience wrapper on top of UIPageViewController (previously covered in Bite #55). It makes working with paged view controllers a bit more friendly. Let's begin:

We'll start by composing a PagesController. This will be the view controller that contains the other view controllers:

let pagesVC = PagesController([shipsVC, stormtroopersVC])

pagesVC.enableSwipe = true
pagesVC.showBottomLine = false
pagesVC.showPageControl = false

We use a few properties to configure the look and feel and behavior we want, then we can use the view controller like normal.

Pages has some awesome convenience functions for programmatically scrolling to pages:

pagesVC.goTo(1) // go to page at index 1 // go forward 1 page
pagesVC.previous() // go back 1 page

We can also easily add view controller pages on the fly:

pagesVC.add([resistanceBasesVC, jediTemplesVC])

Last but not least, Pages is quite configurable offering properties for customizing not only the look and feel, but also behaviors such as whether or not changing view controllers affects the title shown in navigation bar of the navigation controller containing the pages.

More info about Pages can be found at