Following up on Bite #201 about reporting bugs to Apple, today we'll take a look at a tool that makes reporting bugs even easier called QuickRadar. It's great and will give us a chance to discuss one more piece of this puzzle, OpenRadar.

QuickRadar is a open-source menu bar app for OS X that simplifies and improves upon the "traditional" bug reporting process we looked at in Bite #201. We can download it for free from We'll move it over to /Applications, then start it up.

We can head over to QuickRadar's preferences to fill in our Apple ID credentials.

Next, we'll select New Radar... to see the app's main interface. Here we can describe our bug, drag in a sample project, etc.

We'll see another option at the bottom: "Send to Open Radar". Open Radar is a site run by the community that catalogs and allows us to search/compare bugs with each other.

Usually we have to post them there manually, but with QuickRadar, we'll just add our credentials in preferences, then check the box. Finally, to ease confusion, links like rdar://12345 only work for Apple employees.

QuickRadar is available at

Open Radar is at