We've covered UI Tests a fair amount over the years, but one thing has always stuck out: Running tests can be slow. Very slow.

Even if our individual tests themselves run quickly, the entire process is essentially "single threaded", slow to start up and complete each pass, and is prone to strange errors.

Today we'll take a look at Bluepill, a new tool from LinkedIn that can help us with all of this by running multiple iOS Simulators in parallel, simultaneously. Let's dive in.

We'll start by cloning the repository, then running the build script that comes inside:


This will build the command line tool. Once it's finsihed, we can copy the tool somewhere permanent:

cp build/Build/Products/Debug/bp /usr/local/bin

Then rename it to something we can more easily identify:

mv /usr/local/bin/bp /usr/local/bin/bluepill

(Note: /usr/local/bin is a common place to put command line tools on macOS thanks largely to the fact that Homebrew puts things there, so it's likely already in our $PATH).

Now that we have Bluepill installed, let's try it out.

We can head back to our project and run something like:

./bluepill -a ./Spaceships.app -s ./SpaceshipsUITests.xcscheme -o ./output/

This is great for quick runs, but ideally we'd be able to configure this sort of thing once and use it each time. Let's make a quick configuration file using JSON. We'll call it bluepill-config.json:

   "app": "./Spaceships.app",
   "scheme-path": "./SpaceshipsUITests.xcscheme",
   "output-dir": "./bluepill-logs/"

By default Bluepill will run 4 iOS Simulators simultaneously. Before we run our tests, let's turn that up a notch by adding one more option to our config file:

(This will cause our test to be run in up to 12 iOS Simulators at once. Very cool).

   "app": "./Spaceships.app",
   "scheme-path": "./SpaceshipsUITests.xcscheme",
   "output-dir": "./bluepill-logs/",
   "num-sims": 12

Finally, we can start our engines:

./bluepill -c bluepill-config.json

So awesome.

Not only are we saving tons of time this way, but Bluepill also does other helpful things for us, such as automatically retrying when the Simulator hangs or crashes. Neat.

We've only scratched the surface of what's possible with Bluepill. Be sure to check out the README for a full list of options and defaults.

Learn more about Bluepill at git.io/bluepill.