#114: Creating New Apps with Produce 🍓


Starting new projects can be incredibly fun. Performing all the tasks that aren't building our app can be incredibly not-so-fun. Today we'll continue our look at the Fastlane suite of tools (from Bite #110) by checking out Produce, a command-line tool for creating and managing apps on iTunes Connect and the Developer Portal. Let's take a look.

Let's make a new app. Before we do though, we'll install produce:

gem install produce

Now, let's create our app, we'll run:


Then we'll be asked for 4 values. We'll enter each when prompted (We could also specify these as arguments to the produce command).

Your Apple ID Username: **hidden**
App Identifier (Bundle ID): com.magnus.littlebitesofcocoa
App Name: Little Bites of Cocoa
Initial version number (e.g. '1.0'): 1.0

Produce will work its magic and when it's done, our app will have been completely created and setup on both iTunes Connect and the Developer Portal. Very cool.


Produce can also help us easily enable (or disable) things like Associated Domains, iCloud, Passbook, etc. Let's enable CloudKit for our app:

produce enable_services --icloud cloudkit -a com.magnus.littlebitesofcocoa

Nice! So much quicker than clicking around the Developer Portal.

App Groups

Last but not least, we'll be creating extensions for app that share data so let's create a new App Group and put our new app into it:

produce group -g group.littlebitesofcocoa -n "Little Bites of Cocoa"
produce associate_group -a com.magnus.littlebitesofcocoa group.littlebitesofcocoa

More info about Produce can be found at