It's another Fastlane Friday here on LBOC. Today we're looking at deliver, another awesome tool in the Fastlane suite. It can save us tons of time and effort when it comes to uploading our app's metadata, screenshots and binary to iTunes Connect. Let's take it for a spin:

We'll start by installing deliver:

gem install deliver

Then we'll setup deliver for our project by cd'ing into its directory and running:

deliver init

We'll be asked for our iTunes Connect login and then our app's App ID. What happens next it down-right magical .

deliver will download all our app's metadata (name, description, keywords, release notes, icons, etc.), by language, from iTunes Connect as text files. Then it will organize them into text files inside a new metadata directory. Now we can edit these anytime and run deliver to update iTunes Connect with the edited values. Nice!

In addition to our app's metdata, deliver will also download all our app's screenshots (by language and device) and organize them into a new screenshots directory for us. Again, we can change/update them on disk then simply run deliver again and they'll be uploaded to iTunes Connect.

It gets better. Why don't we just do everything at once and update our app's metadata and screenshots, upload its binary and submit it for review all at once? With deliver, all it takes is:

deliver --ipa "Spaceships.ipa" --submit_for_review

Believe it or not, deliver can do even more. We can pass in tons of options for configuring things like automatic release vs. manual, price tiers, add pre-defined answers to all those compliance questions we're asked during submissions, and more. We can also create a Deliverfile to easily reuse our options every time.

More info about deliver can be found at