It's another fastlane Friday! Today we're looking at frameit, an awesome fastlane tool that helps us take our screenshots to the next level. We can display our screenshots on devices, and even add some marketing text. Let's dive in.

We'll start by installing frameit:

gem install frameit

Next we'll need to perform some initial setup. We'll head into our project's directory and run frameit to kick things off:

frameit will guide us through downloading the high quality frame images from Apple's marketing site and moving them into place.

Now, we can run frameit anytime to find all screenshot files and create versions of them placed inside device frames. Neat!

This works great after running snapshot (covered in Bite #110).

As with most fastlane tools, we can create a Framefile.json where we can configure things like texts, fonts, etc. frameit even lets us use .strings files so everything is easily localized!

frameit also supports all of this for OS X apps as well!

More info about frameit can be found at