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Today we'll look at an interesting library from Evan Dekhayser called KBKit. It extends UIKit to add support for navigating around using a physical keyboard. (Think either bluetooth or other keyboard connected to an iPad, but would also work on iPhone.) Let's take a look.

KBKit consists of a few subclasses of common UIKit classes. KBTableView adds Up Arrow, Down Arrow, and Return Key functionality to UITableView. Very cool.

let tableView = KBTableView(frame: CGRect.zero, style: .Plain)

tableView.onSelection = { (indexPath: NSIndexPath) in
  // called when user pressed 'Return' or 'Command + D'

tableView.onFocus = { (current: NSIndexPath?, previous: NSIndexPath?) in
  // called as user navigates with arrow keys

We can use KBNavigationController to gain a Command + Left Arrow shortcut for going "back" (i.e. popping to the previous view controller in the stack).

Last but not least, KBTabBarController adds support for pressing Command + 1, Command + 2, Command + 3, etc. to change the currently selected tab. It supports up to 5 tabs. Neat!

More info about KBKit can be found at git.io/kbkit